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Vivo V20 Pro review :- Best of Best Reviews BGR Rating & Review:


A couple of months ago, OnePlus launched the Nord as its premium midrange option in the sub-Rs 30,000 category. It got most of the things right and got many buyers interested in the rather neglected price band of Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000. It had a few shortcomings but it just good enough for many. I personally assumed that it would take a year for someone else to better this proposition. Well, Vivo is here with the V20 Pro and is rather putting a smug face. 

Vivo V20 Pro 5G review: What could have been, the best smartphone under Rs 30,000

The V20 was a “pro” in nearly every department but one. Not that it was a deal breaker or anything, but it could surely have done with more power. Enter, the V20 Pro.

The pro V20 seems designed from ground up for power users. It is not an out-and-out pocket rocket in case you are wondering, and there are areas where it takes a step back, but overall, the V20 Pro paints a pretty picture. It is a very likeable phone. My only concern is that it does not reinvent the wheel in the same way the V20 did not long ago. It plays by the book when it could have easily aspired for something far greater.

Source- Financial Express